Software-only 8086 PC emulator for X

Here you can find the original version of David Hedley's 8086 PC emulator, and my "improved" version. This will emulate a basic PC with a VGA text-only display quite well; there is a reasonable amount of software that will work with no problems. The emulator uses the mfs.c code from Linux DOSEMU to mount Unix directories as drives under DOS, so you can transfer data from the host to the target easily. The improved version supports EMS memory and quite good floppy drive support.

New I've just (at last) got around to announcing the program's existence to Freshmeat. Hi, everyone. However, I haven't updated anything beyond assigning a version number to it. It's still a snapshot of an ancient development directory.

[FILE] pcemu-1.2.tar.gz
Version 1.2

Updated to include ncurses based terminal support. Added basic i186 support to allow FreeDOS to boot. Cleaned the source to compile with glibc 2.2.1.

[FILE] pcemu-1.1.dg.tar.gz (339407 bytes)
Version 1.1.dg

This is the version that I (dg) produced from David Hedley's original code. This adds better floppy drive support, EMS support, an X menu, better security, and it nearly runs on a DEC Alpha. It is not guaranteed to run out of the box, though, as this is pulled from a year-old working directory of mine.

[FILE] pcemu-1.0.tar.gz (118409 bytes)
Version 1.0

This is David Hedley's original version.

David Given
Michael Hope
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